Entrepreneurs First,
Investors Second

We know what it’s like to be an underdog! Against big odds, we took a small, regional sport and grew NASCAR into a multi-billion-dollar global sports entertainment property.

Building upon a family legacy of creating iconic brands, the SFC team understands that successful entrepreneurial endeavors cannot be driven by textbook formulas and hard work alone. We’ll sit with you in the real world, and share what we’ve learned along the way.


To the untrained eye, it all looks simple. But, we know what you know – it’s not. It starts with having the very best people – those who generate the ideas, share the passion for the journey, operate with the highest level of integrity, and are willing to put in the hard work and determination it takes to make every idea special. Our formula is different. While we risk adjust for every investment, we’re often extending the horizon and taking the long view. If you’ve got a business that fits in our sweet spot, meeting our baseline proof of concept, then give us a call.

What We Look For

Business Focus

Emerging consumer businesses with distinct
competitive advantages, defined pathways to
growth, and strong brand potential.


Consumer: Food & Beverage CPG, Restaurant, Health & Wellness, Fitness, Retail

Sports, Content, and Entertainment: Sports Properties, Sports Tech, Video Games, eSports

Investment Criteria

History of revenue growth, organic expansion capability, path to profitability, market niche.

What We Provide

Equity Investment Range

$5-50 million

Experienced Management

Proven leaders who desire to partner with innovative entrepreneurs seeking continued growth.

We are Different, Here’s Why

We are entrepreneurs ourselves. We understand the challenges, the struggle, the real-world realities you face today. Along the way we have learned a few lessons around Growth & Management Expertise, Intellectual Property and Branding, Innovation, and how to move fast.

Our Origins

Silver Falcon Capital is a direct investment company and brand incubator. We partner with extraordinary entrepreneurs to globally scale emerging consumer and sports entertainment businesses.

Our founder, Brian France, spearheaded the modernization and exponential growth of the NASCAR industry, Brian’s leadership grew the sport from a regional niche to the multi-billion-dollar global sports, media and entertainment powerhouse it is today.

The path to success was not easy for Bill France Sr. (Brian’s grandfather), who was quite the entrepreneur and founded NASCAR in 1948, and the International Speedway Corporation in 1953. Today, the companies are consolidated and NASCAR remains controlled by the France family.